Takele Ayele Lambebo

Takele Ayele Lambebo

Lecturer of Economics

Department of Economics

Full name: Takele Ayele Lambebo
Academic Rank: Lecturer of Economics
Level of education & Specialization:  

MSc. in Development Economics



Business and Economics
Department: Economics
Professional experiences: 4Years
Leadership experience  

  1. _____________________



Research Interest
  1. Institutional quality and Economic growth
  2. Human capital
  3. Poverty reduction strategies
  4. Women empowerment
On-going researches
  1. Child labour and its impact on children’s educational achievement in Jimma zone


  1. Credit Constraint and Agricultural productivity in Ethiopia: A Gender-Based Perspective


List of Publications written properly (may be as APA citation style):


1.      Takele, A., & Negese , T. (2020). Determinants of Cereal Crops Productivity of Rural Ethiopia: A Case Study of Rural Smallholder Farmers of Kecha Birra Woreda in Kambata Zone, Ethiopia. Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development 52. https://core.ac.uk/reader/287193530


Membership in any associations and related committee, councils, groups:


  1. HIV/AIDS and STDs(temporary)


Training and workshop participation and other performance certificates:


  1. Training on Module Writing
  2. TOT in HIV/AIDS and STDs
  3. HDP training (on progress)

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Cell phone: +251953651933

takele.lambebo@ju.edu.et  and takeayele@gmail.com



Phone: +251953651933

Email: takele.lambebo@ju.edu.et and takeayele@gmail.com