PhD in Management

Areas of specialization for the PhD in business often include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Decision sciences (decision theory and decision analysis), Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and legal studies, Finance, Health care management, Leadership, Marketing, Organizational behavior, Operations management/Operations research, Management information systems/ Information technology management, Statistics, and Strategic Management. A PhD in management is often required for those interested in pursuing an academic career as a professor at a business school. Business schools often require faculty to hold a PhD and to engage in research. Business school rankings are often heavily influenced by the proportion of faculty with Ph.D. degrees or doctorates.
Though this PhD in Management aims to address target group of having a career in social
sciences and eventually want to become a fulltime professor at a business school. These people often come directly from the university and start the PhD. At this level the PhD students primarily aim at developing new theory and publish it in top management journals as well starting point of their research is often the existing theories and their knowledge gaps those phenomena that our existing theory does not explain so far. After graduation, the graduates’ key activities will be doing research, publishing in academic journals or books, and teaching.

 Program Objectives

  •  Exhibit knowledge of advanced theoretically grounded and methodologically sound research skills that provide the foundation for impactful, academia focused research
  •  Formulate new ideas through boundary across, interdisciplinary research questions that build on existing theory and are relevant to practice
  • Review and synthesize relevant theory and past research on a given business issue
  • Apply social science theories from organizational behavior, and management to analyze complex, applied business problems
  • Apply, analyze, and develop theory, models and methods in new, academia relevant contexts
  • Apply theory and conceptual models to identify alternative explanations

Graduate Profile

On successful completion of the PhD program, students will have the ability to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and applicability of different methods of problem solving and research inquiry
  • Demonstrate and apply advanced knowledge and scholarship in a specialist field related to their research problem.
  • Demonstrate high level and systematic knowledge and understanding of the principles, methods and applications of their discipline
  • Design, plan and execute an original piece of research that makes a substantial contribution to disciplinary knowledge
  • Critically evaluate relevant academic literature and perspectives in order to assess arguments and evidence in relation to their research program
  • Determine and apply appropriate research methods for their research problem
  • Communicate complex issues and impart scholarly knowledge, both orally and in writing, to peers and the scholarly community
  • Undertake self-directed research and produce high-quality outcomes in an acceptable time period

 Admission Requirements

For admission into the program, a candidate must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • First Degree in Management from a recognized university and second Degree in Management or Business Administration (MBA) from a recognized university. Or
  • First Degree in management related functional areas (marketing management, human resources management, operations management, purchasing and supply chain management, or business administration) from a recognized university and second Degree in Management or Business Administration (including MBA in Finance) or related function areas (marketing management, human resources management, operations management, or purchasing and supply chain management) from a recognized university. Or
  • A holder of MBA degree or any other Master’s degree from areas relevant to the disciplines in the school of Business and Management Studies from institutions recognized by the university senate.
  • Candidates who score 50% qualifies and the intake will be determined based on the capacity of the department

 Graduation Requirements

Candidates must meet the following criteria to graduate:

  • A grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 4 point scale, in all courses taken at Jimma University;
  • A minimum grade of B for each advanced courses
  • Pass written and oral comprehensive examination covering major and minor areas of an approved course of study
  • Successful Public defense of a proposed and completed dissertation
  • Submit four (4) copies of the revised (where applicable) and final draft of the dissertation to the Director of the Doctoral Program(by compiling the three publication)
  • Three publications out of which two should be in reputable international journal and one publication in local journals is possible (As per Jimma University senate Legislation)
  • Students should score minimum of good grade in dissertation

Duration of Study

The doctoral training program shall have duration maximum of 4 years program for regular
students with a possibility of extension for 1-2 years based on justifiable reasons.

 Degree Naming or Nomenclature

The degree name of this program is Philosophy of Doctor in Management

List of Courses


MGMT-711 Management and organizational Theories 4 6
MGMT-721 Qualitative Research Method 3 4.5
MGMT-731 Quantitative Research Method 4 6
Total 11 16.5



MGMT-712 Seminar in Human resource management 1 1.5
MGMT-722 Seminar in Organizational Behavior 2 3
MGMT-732 Seminar in Marketing Management 2 3
MGMT-742 Seminar in Strategic Management 2 3
Total 7 10.5

Year II

MGMT-811 Proposal for dissertation Pass/fail


Year III and IV

MGMT-8323 PhD dissertation 12 18
Grand Total 30 45