Student Demography

Student Demography

Students from all parts of Ethiopia enroll in our program to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. In fact, some may not have been exposed to architecture during their secondary or high school education. As a result, it is not anticipated that all students will enter the program with basic skills and knowledge in architecture.

To gain admission to the program, students must complete their first-year general studies and pass an entrance test administered by the architecture department. Each year, the program offers 25-40 spots for new enrollments. The table below illustrates the number of students who enrolled in the Architecture Program for the 2023 academic year, broken down by each year of study.   

Table: Number of students enrolled in the degree program in this academic calendar year (2022/23)

No             year Number of students Academic calendar year
F M Total
1 2nd year 11 14 25  




2 3rd year 9 17 26
3 4th year 4 21 25
4 5th year 16 22 38
 Total 40 74 114


Our bachelor’s program, which is designed to span five years, includes one year of general study, and culminates in a bachelor’s thesis. This five-year structure aligns with the international standards of the UNESCO/UIA Charter for Architectural Education and the structural requirements of European practice. The program successfully graduates over 80% of students enrolled in its five-year track annually. Refer to the Table below for the percentage of students who have completed their degree programs within the expected timeframe.

Table: Percentage of students who complete the degree program within the normal time

Academic calendar year


Number of students admitted to the program % of students who complete the degree program within the normal time Remark


F M T F M T Percentage
2018/19 20 45 65 18 37 55 84.6% Graduated
2019/20 24 38 62 18 39 57 91.9% Graduated
2020/21 22 41 63 20 42 62 98.4% Graduated
2021/22 17 27 44 17 26 43 97.7% Graduated
2022/23 18 26 44 14 19 33 86.84 Graduated