BS in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Curriculum

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All courses in the program listed by term starting with the first term of the first year and ending with the last term of the final year.

Indicating whether the course is Required, Elective, or a Selected Elective by an R, an E, or an SE.1 Subject Area (Credit Hours)
Math & Basic Sciences Engineering Topics:

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FLEN 1011 Communicative English Language Skills I R 5
LOCT 1011 Critical Thinking R 5
PSCH 1011 General Psychology R 5
SPSC 1011 Physical Fitness R 0
GEES 1011 Geography of Ethiopia and the Horn R 5
PHYS 1011 General Physics R 5
MATH 1011 Mathematics for Natural Sciences R 5
FLEN 1012 Communicative English Language Skill II 4
ANTH 1012 Social Anthropology 5
MATH 1041 Applied Mathematics I 4
MGMT 1012 Entrepreneurship 5
EMTE 1012 Introduction to Emerging Technologies 5
MCIE 1012 Moral and Civic Education 5 5
ECEG 2052 Computer Programming 5
HIST 1012 History of Ethiopia and the Horn 5
MENG 2034 Engineering drawing R 4
CENG 2035 Engineering Mechanics R 5
MATH 2042 Applied Mathematics II R 7
CENG 2061 Surveying I R 4
WSEE 2071 Environmental Science and Engineering R 5
GEOL   2081 Engineering Geology R 3
STAT 2044 Probability and Statistics R 4
TCBTP2003 Demographic survey and problem identification R 5
WSEE 2051 Fluid Mechanics R 5
CENG  2091 Strength of Materials R 4
CENG 2062 Surveying II R 4
MATH  2043 Numerical Methods R 4
CENG 2082 Soil Mechanics I R 5
WSEE 2101 Surface water Hydrology 5
WSEE 2072 Environmental Engineering lab analysis I 4
TCBTP 2002 Appropriate Technology and Professional Ethics 5
WSEE 3052 Hydraulics R 4
WSEE 3053 Open channel Hydraulics R 4
CENG 3083 Soil Mechanics II R 5
WSEE 3142 Air and Noise Pollution R 5
WSEE 3073 Environmental Engineering Lab. Analysis II R 4
WSEE 3111 Urban Water supply Engineering R 5 (✔)
CENG-3191 Construction materials ,Equipment and methods R 5
WSEE 3102 Ground water Hydrology R 5 (✔)
WSEE 3121 Sewerage and Urban Drainage R 5 (✔)
CENG 3092 Reinforced concrete Design I R 4 (✔)
WSEE 3131 Hydraulic structures  I R 5 (✔)
WSEE 3141 Solid and hazardous waste Management R 5 (✔)
CENG 3084 Foundation engineering R 4 (✔)
WSEE 3122 Wastewater Engineering  I R 5 (✔)
WSEE 3112 Water Treatment R 5 (✔)
TCBTP3003 Action plan Development and Intervention phase R 5
WSEE 4123 Wastewater Engineering  II R 5 (✔)
WSEE 4132 Hydraulic structures  II R 5 (✔)
CENG 4093 Reinforced Concrete Design  II R 5 (✔)
WSEE 4113 Rural water supply and Sanitation R 5 (✔)
WSEE 4201 Research Methods R 3
WSEE 4172 Application software’s in WSEE R 5 (✔)
WSEE 4192 Contract Specification and Quantity Survey R 4
WSEE 4171 AutoCAD R 3 (✔)
ECON 1011 Economics 5
YEAR 4, SEMESTER 2          
INEN 4202 Internship R 15
WSEE 5184 Water and Wastewater Quality Management R 5
WSEE 5173 GIS and Remote Sensing R 5
WSEE 5182 Environmental Impact Assessment R 4
WSEE 5193 Engineering Economics R 4
WSEE 5114 Water Supply and sanitary Installation R 5 (✔)
WSEE 5115 Plumbing Workshop R 3
WSEE 5165 Educational field practice R 0
TCBTP 4007 Intervention and Evaluation R 5
WSEE 5202 Water/ Environmental Engineering Project Design R 4 (✔)
WSEE 5203 Research Project Proposal R 3
WSEE 5194 Construction Planning and management R 4
WSEE 5133 Principle of hydropower and Alternative Sources R 4
SNIE 5151 Inclusiveness R 3
WSEE 5183 Water and Environmental Law R 3
SRP 5252 BS Thesis R 12 (✔)
WSEE 5181 Water Resource Planning and Management R 5 (✔)
GLTR 1012 Global Trends 3
MOE 4254 Exit exam 0
TOTALS (in terms of ECTS) 343 60 229 (97✔) 54
TOTALS (in terms of semester credit hours) 197 37 117 (56 ✔) 33
Total must satisfy minimum credit hours Minimum Semester Credit Hours 30 Hours 45 Hours

BS in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering Course Descriptions  

WSEE 2071—Environmental Science and Engineering (5).  Ecology, environment, thermodynamics, Mathematics of growth, atmospheric change, water chemistry, and biological interactions, covering topics such as ecology, physics, and atmospheric change.

WSEE 2051—Fluid Mechanics (5). Prerequisites: CENG 2035. Fluid properties and mechanics, basic equations, hydrostatics, flow measurements, viscosity, density, specific gravity, capillary elevation, pascal’s law, hydrostatic pressure, and Bernoulli’s theory.

WSEE 2101—Surface water Hydrology (5). Prerequisite STAT 2046.  Basic hydrology concepts, hydrometer, rainfall-runoff relationships, frequency analysis, flood routing and reservoir capacity determination, and river flow estimation using HEC-HMS models.

WSEE 2072—Environmental Engineering Lab Analysis I (5).  Safety in the laboratory, Sampling, Reagent solutions preparations, Concepts of Quantitative chemistry, Physical, Chemical and microbiological water quality analysis and Wet methods.

WSEE 3052—Hydraulics (4). Prerequisite WSEE 2051.  Hydraulic models, boundary layer theory, closed-conduit flow, Network design and analysis, Pump pipe systems, Experiments to be done in a hydraulic laboratory.

WSEE 3053—Open channel Hydraulics (4). Prerequisite WSEE 2051.  Energy Principle in Open Channel Flows, Uniform Flow and Its Computation, Gradually, and rapidly varied flow, unsteady flow, bulk properties of sediments.

WSEE 3142—Air and Noise Pollution (5).  Air pollutants sources, pollution standards, control. Noise pollution and effects. Soil pollution and analyze measurements data, and model air quality dispersion.

WSEE 3073—Environmental Engineering Lab Analysis II (4). Prerequisite WSEE 2072.  Analytical Quality Control, Determination of Non-metallic and organic, Tests on Sludge, Sediment Measurement, Gas chromatography, Mass and atomic spectroscopy, Sample extraction techniques.

WSEE 3111—Urban Water Supply Engineering (5). Prerequisite WSEE 2051.  Population and water demand, water sources, intake, conveyance, service reservoirs, distribution networks, advanced design approaches, and operation and maintenance.

WSEE 3102—Groundwater Hydrology (5). Prerequisite WSEE 2101. , Ground water resources, Ground water movement, Hydraulics of wells, Ground water assessment and analysis, Groundwater exploration, Groundwater balance and groundwater management.

WSEE 3121—Sewerage and Urban Drainage (5). Prerequisite WSEE 2101.  Principle of sewerage and urban drainage, Sewer materials, design of sanitary and storm water drainage with application software.

WSEE 3131—Hydraulic Structures I (5). Prerequisite WSEE 3052.  Dam classification, site assessment, dam type, foundations, reservoirs, concrete design, gravity buttress archs analysis, embankment dams, dam safety, instrumentation, and surveillance.

WSEE 3141—Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (5). Prerequisite WSEE 2071.  Waste Generation, Collection, Segregation, and Transport, Disposal Methods, Operational of MSW Landfills, Recent Developments, Role of various organizations, Hazardous waste management.

WSEE 3122—Wastewater Engineering I (5). Prerequisite WSEE 2071, WSEE 3073.  Introduction, Characteristics of municipal and industrial wastewater, Preliminary and Primary wastewater treatment, Secondary treatment of wastewater.

WSEE 3112—Water Treatment (5). Prerequisite WSEE 3111. Preliminary and Advanced Water treatment methods, Plain sedimentation, Coagulation, flocculation, Coagulant aided sedimentation, Filtration, Disinfection, Design project on water treatment.

WSEE 3151—Water Supply & Treatment (5). Prerequisite: HWRE 2111.  Identifying water sources, demand, and designing distribution systems. Population forecasting, quality analysis, and methods of treating drinking water. This course major for HWRE

WSEE 4123—Wastewater Engineering II (5). Prerequisite WSEE 3122.  Tertiary treatment of wastewater, Recent Advanced in Wastewater Treatment technologies, Disposal of sewage Effluents, Sludge treatment and disposal.

WSEE 4132—Hydraulic Structures II (5). Prerequisite WSEE 3131.  Dam outlet works, energy dissipation, diversion works, and drop structures, including hydraulics, intakes, spillways, gates, valves, and cross-drainage structures.

WSEE 4113—Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (5). Prerequisite WSEE 312.  Sanitation, community survey techniques, hygiene, community-based development, water supply management, sustainable and ecological sanitation technologies, and designing small communities.

WSEE 4152—Waste Water & Solid Waste Management (4). Prerequisite: WSEE 3151, HWRE 3112. TApplying of physical, chemical, and biological phenomena for designing, sewage treatment plants. This course major for HWRE

WSEE 4201—Research Methods (5). Provides an introduction to research, its types, methods, data analysis, report writing, presentation styles, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and ethics.

WSEE 4172—Application software in WSEE (5). Prerequisite: WSEE 3111, WSEE 3121. Water GEMS software, Bentley SewerCAD V8i software, Bentley StormCAD V8i, Eagle point, Water supply and urban drainage projects using software.

WSEE 4192—Contract Specification and Quantity Survey (4). Prerequisite: CENG-3191.  Contract law principles, construction contract types, document contents, specification writing, national standards, quantity surveying, cost estimates, and practical projects.

WSEE 5173—Environmental Impact Assessment (3).Ethiopian environmental legislation, policy, legal framework, acts on pollution prevention, carrying capacity, methodologies, and case studies. This course major for HWRE students.

WSEE 5184—Water and Wastewater Quality Management (5). Prerequisite: WSEE-3112.  Water and wastewater quality modeling, management, Water quality monitoring, and quality management, Treatment and disposal of leachates from landfills.

WSEE 5173—GIS and Remote Sensing (5). Prerequisite: WSEE-4171.  Principal of GIS, Mapping Concepts, Features & Properties, Geographic Data Types spatial and Non-spatial data Capture, Introduction to ArcGIS.

WSEE 5182—Environmental Impact Assessment (5). Prerequisite: Must pass Internship.  National environmental policy act and implementation, impact of Major WRDP, Principles of Environmental Management, Disaster Management Plan, Auditing

WSEE 5114—Water Supply and Sanitary Installation (4). Prerequisite: WSEE 4171.  Plumbing Services of Buildings, Water Supply and Sanitary Internal and External Drainage System, Septic Tank Systems, Advanced Installation Approaches.

WSEE 5115—Plumbing Workshop (3). Prerequisite: WSEE-3111, WSEE-3121.  Introduction to Plumbing, Taps and Valves, Cutting, Bending, and Assembling, Making service connection, Fixing sanitary fixtures, Installing Water Pump.

WSEE 5165—Educational field practice (0). Prerequisite: Major courses.  Students visit different water related structures in our country and make notes on them (Minimum of 15 days).

WSEE 5194—Construction Planning and Management (4). Prerequisite: CENG-3191.  Construction planning, Fundamental scheduling procedures, Cost control, monitoring and accounting, Quality control and safety during, Construction management.

WSEE 5133—Principle of  Hydropower and Alternative Sources (4). Small scale hydropower, Small, mini, and micro hydropower, Turbine and Generators for small hydro plants, Alternative energy sources.

WSEE 5183—Water and Environmental Law (3).  Introduction to environmental law, Environmental legislations, Waste management Approach, Trans Boundary, Water Law/Rights, Endangered Species Act.

SRP5252 —BS Thesis (6). Prerequisite: All courses. Student-teacher interaction. Teachers will consult the students. Apart from, technical procedures of conducting water and environmental project design and assessment.

WSEE 5181—Water Resource Planning and Management (5). Prerequisite: WSEE-5193. Water resources of the world, Africa and Ethiopia. Integrated river basin development concept, project evaluation techniques, Multi- objective decision-making techniques.

WSEE 4171— AutoCAD (3). Prerequisite: MEng-2034 & ECEg2052. Organization, Complex Objects and Advanced Commands, Layouts and Printing, Adding Text and Dimensions, Water/ Environmental Related Drafting Project.

WSEE 5193— Engineering Economics (4). Prerequisite:CEng-3191.  Economics and Pricing, Methods of comparing alternative proposals, Project investment evaluations, Economic analysis of a project and project appraisal.

WSEE 5203— Research Project Proposal (3). Prerequisite: WSEE-4201. Independent Research Project proposal conducted by a group of students.

WSEE 5202—Water/Environmental Engineering Project (3). Independent project design in the field of specialization conducted by a group of students and common project report submitted.

MEng 2034—Engineering Drawing (4). Geometrical constructions and engineering curves. Multi-View Projection: Pictorial Projection. Auxiliary and Sectional Views: Intersections and Development of Simple Transition Pieces.

CEng 2035 — Engineering Mechanics (5).  Principles of statics, Fundamentals of force system, Support Reactions, Analysis of Trusses, Centroid and Moment of Inertia plane, Simple stress and strain.

CEng 2061— Surveying-I (4). Measurement of distances, Measurement of angles and directions, Magnetic declination and its variation, Different methods of leveling, Traversing.

Geol 2081— Engineering Geology (3). various topics such as rocks’ physical properties, groundwater geology, geological investigations, earthquake hazards, mineral and energy resources, and their environmental impact.

CEng 2091— Strength of Materials (4). Prerequisite: CEng-2035. Mechanical properties of material, Flexural and shearing stresses, Deflection in beams,  Analysis of statically indeterminate structures.

CEng 2062— Surveying – II (4). Prerequisite: CEng-2061. Control surveying. Topographical surveying: Contour lines and Digital Terrain Model, Curve setting. Cartography and photogrammetry. Topographic survey of reservoir area. Field practice.

CEng 2082— Soil Mechanics – I (5). Prerequisite: Geol-2081. Physical characteristics of soils, one and two dimensional flow of water through soils, flow of water through soils, One-dimensional consolidation of soils.

CEng 3083— Soil Mechanics – II (5). Prerequisite: CEng-2082. shear strength of soils, Bearing capacity of soils, Lateral earth pressure theories, Slope stability.

CEng 3191— Construction materials, Equipment and methods (5). Stones-bricks-concrete blocks, Lime-cement-aggregate-mortar, Concrete as construction material, Timber and other construction materials, Construction equipment and  Lab and Field Observation.

CEng 3092—Reinforced concrete Design – I (4). Prerequisite: CEng-2091. Introduction to Reinforced Concrete Design, Basic Concepts of Design, Design of beams, Design of reservoir structures, Design of Slabs.

CEng 3084— Foundation engineering (4).  Prerequisite: CEng-2082. types of foundation and selection criteria, Site exploration, Design of shallow foundations, Analysis and design of pile, and foundation on expansive soils.

CEng 4093— Reinforced Concrete Design – II (5). ).  Prerequisite: CEng-3092. columns, Design of Flat slabs and Footing, Design and reinforcement details for Water conveyance and Reservoir structures are using SAP and ETAB Mode.