Library Service

Library Service

To meet the increasing needs, expectations of customers and the complex nature of the learning, teaching and research activities in higher education in Ethiopia as resource centers JIT Library provides highly regarded services that support the learning, discovery and engagement needs of the institute community. Thelibrary services offered are as follows.

  1. 24hrs. Library Services

    The library provides 24 hrs. service to its clients per week including Sunday night.

  2. Traditional Library Services:

    1.Circulation service unit

    A,Long loan service
    B.Short loan service
    C.Check point

    2.Reference &amp

    Information service unit

  3. Modern Library Service Delivery

    The library delivers information services through modern library service provision methods such as:
     Information Delivery, Information delivery via email and telegram
     Internet and computer service: We have 100 computers which are functional and have internet service
     E-library Service: We collect, organize and disseminate Electronics collection of the institution to the institution community
     We prepare different types of mechanisms to deliver electronic educational materials
     We develop mobile application called Kito app
     We open telegram channel and email group named JIT Library to deliver new and different information to the institution community
     We prepare different flyers brochures to promote our e-library services
     An additional email searching assistance service starting from April 30, 2020, onwards to JIT postgraduate students and academic staffs

  4. Unique Services

    Thanks to ExiST project, our institution staffs, students, and researchers have being using
    1.Plagiarism Detection Service: Turntin iThenticate Plagiarism Detection Service via JIT Library starting from January 1, 2021
    up to January 1 2022.
    2.Conference Room: Which has latest conference technologies like Smart board, Licensed zoom application, and conference camera and speakers
    3.Kindel: which have more than 1.8 million Amazon Books
    4.Tablet: For Students who have not computer or mobile device to access the library electronics resources
    5.Virtual reality Service: through this service students can see, touch space stations virtually
    6.Charging Station: to charge the library kindle and tablets
    7.Library Security Machine: which can protect library books and materials from theft

  5. Information Literacy Program

    To develop information resources utilization and management skill of library users, the library develops an information literacy program and the library provides different information literacy training and workshop sessions to undergraduate
    students, postgraduate students, academic staffs, Jimma town high school student and teachers for the last seven years starting from 2014.
    We prepare different type of handout and guides on electronic information utilization and management
    1. “E-Information Utilization Module for JIT Postgraduate Students” — [To develop e-information resources utilization and management
    skill of postgraduate students]
    2. “A Guide to Electronic Libraries on the Internet” — [To introduce accessible electronic libraries on the internet to postgraduate
    3. “Engineering & Technology Journals for JIT” — [To introduce accessible Journals of ARDI to each faculty postgraduate students]
    Community service: we provide information literacy training to jimma town high schools

  6. Security Camera

    We have 14 security cameras

  7. Library Users and Staff

    JITL is serving more than 12,000 (students, academic, and administrative staff) potential users in three branch libraries and one knowledge management center. The library has the capacity to serve 4000 users at a time.
    The library has 76 staffs across a number of occupational groupings and is generally categorized as academic (one) and administrative (75) staff and all are non-professionals.

    Branch Libraries

    The library has three user based branch libraries and one knowledge management center as name as:
    1.JIT Main Library (which can serve more than 3,800 users at a time)
    2.JIT Female Students Library (which can serve more than 192 users at a time)
    3.JIT Post-Graduate Library (which can serve more than 80 users at a time)
    4.JIT Knowledge Management Center (The center serves as an academic referral, training, and information resource for the Institution community)

    Relations and Collaborations

     We have a student library club and they have an office in our library
     We have app development and an ICT club
     We work closely together with the artificial intelligence director’s office
     We conduct library surveys annually to evaluate our services and to identify our user’s need
     We work with the institution’s projects
     We participate in the open-con conference as speakers