The library acquires a variety of information resources to support the teaching, learning, research, and scholarly activities of the institution. As a result, JiTL has more than 70,000 collections in different formats such as monographs, e-resources database, back-issued journals, Slides, CDs on different subjects, and substantial born-digital collections. The library collection encompasses different formats such as::

  1. Digital Library

    More than 14,000 digitalized engineering and technology books including core reference books, which are accessible through:

  2. E-resources

    The library has a huge number of e-resources, which are registered electronically and there is an attempt to access them through the university library system. In particular, full-text online journals and other types of electronic resources are available through PERI, HINARI, and NLM in collaboration with INASP, WHO, and NIM.
    More than 1500 online e-journal resources (full-text documents, reviews, abstracts, and databases), which are accessible through our website

  3. Institutional Repository

    This is a digital research archive consisting of accessible collections of scholarly work that represent the intellectual capital of Jimma University, Institute of Technology.
    More than 1, 700 institutional repository collections are accessible through our website

  4. Hard-copy

    : More than 24,600 print and automated volumes including monographs (book collections) which can be searched by users using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)