Sagni Gobena Gudeta

Sagni Gobena Gudeta


Biology Department

  • Title: Mr.
  • Full Name: Sagni Gobena Gudeta
  • Nationality: Ethiopia
  • Academic Rank: Lecturer
  • College/institute: College of Natural Sciences
  • Department: Biology
  • Field of specialization: MS.c in Ecology and Systematics Zoology
  • Research interest: Fisheries and aquaculture and any Ecology and Zoology related area.
  • Publications:
  1. Tokuma, N., B., Michelle G., Sagni G., Donna V., Gijs ., Mulugeta W., Geert, J. (2021). Impact of species and their edible parts on the macronutrient and mineral composition of fish from the same aquatic environment, the Gilgel Gibe Reservoir, Ethiopia. Journal of Animal physiology and Animal Nutrition. DOI: 10.1111/jpn.13553 
  2. Bayissa, T.N.; Gobena, S.; Vanhauteghem, D.; Du Laing, G.; Kabeta, M.W.; Janssens, G.P.J. The Impact of Lake Ecosystems on Mineral Concentrations in Tissues of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.). Animals 2021, 11, 1000. https://
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