ICT Services


ICT & eLearning Office Coordinator

Contact Address:

Name: Dr. Tamirat Abebe (Assistant Professor of Quantum Optics and Information)

Office: ICT & eLearning Coordinating Office, CNS Building 4th Floor (No:17)

Email: tam1704@gmail.com, tamirat.abebe@ju.edu.et
Phone: +251472115418

Mobile: +251911170421
List of ICT Services and Technicians:

  1. Computer Maintenance
  2. Laptop Maintenance
  3. Printer Maintenance
  4. Scanner Maintenace
  5. Network Expansion and Installation
  6. Fax Machine Maintenance
  7. Software Installations
  8. Hardware Installations
  9. OTRS Services
  10. Urkud.com
  11. Provide OSS for users and related…

College Of Natural Sciences ICT Technicians:

  1. Fereweyin G/m (HelpDesk,  Contact: +251932464697)
  2. Sitota Tilahun  (ICT Technician,Contact: +251955067500)
  3. Tesfanesh Abate (ICT Technician, Contact: +251953312421)