Undergraduate Research

Overview of Research at CNS

Jimma University is a public higher learning institution committed to advance teaching, research and services through its innovative and cherished Community Based Education. It is well situated in the south Western part of Ethiopia endowed with diversified vegetation cover and high moisture areas of the country.  Research is a core business of Jimma University.  The existence of a number of disciplines and diversified research based postgraduate programs has created the opportunities to foster a multidisciplinary, demand driven and quality research. Hence, we are committed to generate technology, knowledge and information and disseminate the outputs of research and innovation to the end users to enhance economic growth and development of the nation.   
Jimma University aspires to be a leading research university in East Africa in generating, adapting and transferring of research out puts to benefit the community.

Advancement of research and innovation and disseminate the research outputs to the end users

Promoting demand driven, multidisciplinary and quality research that fuels the development agenda of the nation. 


  • To formulate and update research thematic and priority areas that fuels the development agenda   of the nation by considering national and regional problems and relevant international trends;
  • To create enabling environment for staff and students to conduct high quality, multidisciplinary and need based research;
  • To mobilize resources and undertake need based research through strong linkage,  partnership and consultancy;
  • To disseminate the research outputs which enable stakeholders to make informed decisions;
  • To link research to teaching and services thereby improving the internal capacity of the university  and  make research integral part of the teaching and learning process; and
  • To enhance internal, regional, national and international collaboration to promote research and innovation and disseminate technology, knowledge and information.

Main Activities of the Research Wing of Jimma University

  • Development and updating of research policy and procedure to create conducive environment for research undertaking and output dissemination;
  • Provide customized training to faculty and students to enhance research competence;
  • Funding of winning research projects that passes through  the review process;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the research projects;
  • Organize Annual Research Conferences and public lectures;
  • Provide a backstopping  to manage Jimma University hosted Journals;  
  • Documentation and communication of research projects and research outputs ;
  • Search for research partners and supporting organizations for networking;
  • Create a team of researchers and monitor the team to develop winning grant proposals;
  • Identify priority areas of expertise in JU and advertize for consultancy work;
  • Bid and solicit both national and international consultancy works;
  • Organize central research laboratories to enhance multidisciplinary researches