Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry is one of the largest Departments in the College of Natural Science, Jimma University. It was first established as a unit of basic science in the Institution of Health Science at Jimma University in 1983, and subsequently grew into a full-fledged Department of Chemistry in 2002 offering a four-year B. Sc program in chemistry. In 2003 new curriculum has been established and the department of chemistry under the faculty of education offering three years B. Ed program in chemistry. In 2007 the Department launched master program in chemistry. This was a turning point in the history of the Department and a significant step towards fulfilling the Country’s needs for high-level qualified chemists.

Chemistry, being the oldest and a multidimensional discipline and nucleus of many interdisciplinary subjects, has the repute and distinction of being the backbone of both the scientific knowledge and experimental ventures, since antiquity. Obviously, the expansion of such a multidimensional discipline will improve the performance of the University, which is aspiring to become the best leading university in the continent for producing competent professionals responsive to societal needs and aims at addressing the human resources need of the country.  

At present, the Department runs three years Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), and two years Master of Science (M.Sc) programs in four major areas of chemistry. These are Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical chemistry. In addition the department is offering applied chemistry courses such as Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry under the College of natural Science has been imparting subject related knowledge and practical training not only to the students of three years graduate program but also to the students of many other disciplines and programs such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Environmental Health Sciences and Public Health where Chemistry and the discipline work as contingent to each other.