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Name: Gadissa NateaAcademic Rank: LecturerCurrent Position:-  Head, Department of Biology 


Gadisa Natea is a lecturer of Zoological Sciences at the Department of Biology with over 9 years of experience in teaching and research at Jimma University, Ethiopia. He has been teaching various Zoological courses including invertebrate zoology, vertebrate zoology, Entomology, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, wild life ecology and management, wild life conservation and management and human physiology. He is an active member of the biological society of Ethiopia (BSE) and Ethiopian Fisheries and Aquatic sciences (EFASA). Currently, he is serving the department at various positions including coordinator of zoological sciences laboratories, Technical evaluator for procurement and property at Jimma University, Materials and chemical delivery committee at College of Natural Sciences. His research interest include Animal Ecology (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Artificial propagation of fishes, Integrated agro-aquaculture, Impact of climate change on both aquatic  and terrestrial ecosystems, Conservation of wetland biodiversity, Microbial contamination of pre and post-harvest of fish.

List of Publications:    

  1. Gadisa Natea and Delelegn Woyessa (2014). Some Physico-Chemical Properties and Microbiological Quality of Honey Sold in Jimma Town, Southwester Ethiopia, J. Biol. Chem. Res. 31: 891-900.
  2. Gadisa Natea, Mulugeta Wakjira, Tokuma Negisho and Megerssa Endebu( 2017). Spawning response of African catfish (Clariasn gariepinus (Burchell 1822), Claridae: Teleost) exposed to different piscine pituitary and synthetic hormone. International Journal  of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies. 5(2): 264-269.
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