Programs in Biology Department

Objectives of the programs
Currently industries, research, agriculture, health and educational institutions are steadily growing in Ethiopia. This has created ample opportunities for biologists to play a pivotal role in the country’s development. Their contribution will, however, greatly depend on the quality of education students’ receive in universities for which the Department is amazingly striving to achieve the desired goals.

The main objective of the Department of Biology is to prepare and develop the finest graduates in the educational institutions of today and tomorrow and to undertake need-driven research activities with special emphasis to transform lives of the society by reducing poverty.
  Undergraduate program

General Objective
The overall objective of the program is to train students of high academic calibre at Bachelor of Science level who can take up position in various related disciplines such as teaching, agriculture, health, environmental conservation, industries etc.
Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • Enable students acquire practical and technical skills required for utilizing biological tools.
  • Produce responsible graduates that are committed to their profession.
  • Train students who can design and apply the principles of biology to identify and solve societal problems related to environment, agriculture, health, industry and teaching.
  • Produce candidates for teaching biology in high schools and higher learning institutions of the Country after taking the necessary pedagogical training.
  • Lay the foundations for a tradition of research oriented and practical system of biology education in the country.
  • Produce trainable man power for advanced biological and related fields of study.
  • Produce graduates capable to analyze and interpret biological data, and present scientific reports in the form of articles, posters or oral presentations.

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  Postgraduate programs

 M.Sc in Biology (Applied Microbiology, Botanical Sciences and Ecological and Systematic Zoology) and PhD in Applied Microbiology

  General Objective
Community-Based Education (CBE), the teaching philosophy of JU, is a means of achieving educational relevance to community needs and consequently of implementing a community-oriented educational program. In-line with this philosophy, the main objective of the M. Sc. Program in Biology streams and PhD in Applied Microbiology of the Department of Biology of JU is to satisfy the national demand for specialized Biologists.
Therefore the general objectives of the programs will be to:
a.   produce professionals who can address the community’s problems
b. produce instructors/researchers/leaders/entrepreneurs/policy makers at secondary and tertiary levels educational institutions

  Specific Objectives

  • To produce professionals that can independently initiate, promote and foster research in different specialties of Applied Microbiology inline with the current national needs.
  • To upgrade the qualification of educators in diverse specialties of  Microbiology at various sectors  (secondary schools, higher learning and research institutions)
  • To produce trained professionals with  expertise in research institutions, health institutes, industries and government ministries/higher learning institutes
  • To produce competent graduates that work  as  entrepreneurs /consultants in health, agriculture, environment, food and other related sectors and support development efforts in the same or related fields
  • To promote sustainable management and utilization of the country’s microbiological resources.
  • To enhance knowledge of microbiological and bio-geochemical aspects of the state of the environment
  • To produce graduates that work as professionals and researchers in ecosystems restoration and rehabilitation programs.