Physics Department is one of the six departments of college of natural science. It became full-fledged department immediately after starting physics bachelor science program (in 1994 E.C.) from a unit under basic sciences program of the former institute of health sciences. The unit of physics had been offering professional related general physics courses to students of medicine, nursing environmental science and lately engineering.

Since 1994 E.C. the department runs only undergraduate programs (in regular and summer in service programs). Up to 2001 E.C. it was undergoing a bachelor of education degree (B.Ed.) program in both regular and summer in-service programs. It has graduated seven batches of students with Bachelor of Education degree and lately one bachelor was graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in 2011. It also graduated one batch of students with diploma in the evening program at the time of starting first degree program and then stopped recruiting diploma students. On top of this, the department was offering physics courses to students of other departments that demand service/supportive physics courses. This was also a long task of the former physics unit before arriving at its present form as well as the present reality. As part of the University, now business of the physics department is also accepting and implementing the community based training philosophy.

The department of physics accepted efforts made by one nationally standing curriculum harmonization committee. To implement the nationally harmonized curriculum physics department of JU then made slight adaptations based on the university philosophy that is Community Based Education. There are also insignificant reshuffle regarding semester loads at department level.