Statistics Department

Department of statistics at natural science College of Jimma University was launched in April 2006, with BSc degree program. Initially, it began its activities with small intake capacity (about 50 students). Gradually, the department managed to open new programs and expanded its intake capacity up to three times more than its initial intake. Two programs are running at the department currently, undergraduate program (BSc degree program in statistics) and a graduate program (MSc degree program in bio-statistics). The graduate program in bio-statistics was launched in September 2009 in collaboration with Flemish Universities in Belgium as part of the North South South project, one of the VLIR-UOS University Cooperation projects. The first and second batches of the postgraduate program in bio-statistics have graduated very recently. Currently, there are about 285 students at undergraduate and 20 students at graduate programs. 


The main objective of Statistics Department is to train both middle and high level statisticians/bio-statisticians of high academic standards who can take part in various socioeconomic, business and development sectors within the country.

Future Plan

  • The department has planned to launch two programs beginning from the summer of this academic year as parts of continuing education programs, evening and summer programs,
  • There is a short term plan of launching another postgraduate program in  statistics,