Message from the Dean

Dear all, who are navigating through our college webpage seeking information about the college and college activities; welcome to College of Natural Sciences.  Although the college is known by its current name, it has evolved through a series of expansions and re-organizations for the betterment of the quality of education and services to the community.  All members of the college community are working in harmony towards the achievement of the set vision and missions of the college, hence of Jimma University. We aspire to be the best higher learning institution known for its knowledgeable and skillful graduates; capable of offering community services in line with its cherished philosophy of Community Based Education (CBE).

Currently, the college hosts and trains students in seven departments namely: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Sport Science, and Information Science, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in  regular as well as summer programs.  In fulfillment of our graduates’ and the interest to pursue further education at postgraduate level in our needful society, the college has already launched masters’ programs in 10 areas of specialties and three PhD program in Applied Microbiology, Mathematics and Information science. Thus, the college welcomes the alumni and all interested applicants to join us and witness this expansion philosophy. For the successful delivery of both theoretical and practical training, the college has organized more than sixteen laboratories, ten computer laboratories with internet connections for both graduate and undergraduate students in addition to the wireless service accessible across the campus. The college branch library is open 24 hours for service.

I can witness you that during your stay here at Jimma University, College of Natural Sciences, we will equip you with the appropriate skills to effectively function in the rapidly changing global environment through our scholarly teaching programs coupled with practical activities, research and practical engagement in the community based education programs.

Our alumni are our mirrors; thus, your comments and feedback are invaluable. The college appreciates any feedback related to the overall and/or specific activities. We would like to remind you concerning the sustainable implementation of CBE philosophy wherever you are.  In support of your efforts, we are working in close contact with secondary schools and research institutions in addition to consultancy services in regional states for the sustainability of community services. 

For our customers and partners, please refer to the details given under different sections of the college including departments and coordinating offices for more detailed information. In addition, the Dean’s office is at a calls distance away for any comments and constructive criticism. Let us work together for our common benefit.  

Cherenet Getu (PhD)
Phone No. : 0911748220
Office Tel. +251471120739
Fax: +251471112214
P. O. Box 378