Gadisa Natea Neda

Gadisa Natea Neda


Biology Department

Title: Mr

Full name: Gadisa Natea Neda

Nationality: Ethiopian

Academic Rank: Lecturer

College/Institute: Natural Sciences

Department Biology

Field of specialization: Ecolocal and Systematic Zoology

Research Interest: 

  • Animal Ecology (Aquatic and Terrestrial),
  • Analysis of aquatic ecosystem (Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Fish) food interaction.
  • Conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity, Wetland biodiversity and conservation
  • Artificial propagation of fishes, Integrated agro-aquaculture,
  • Impact of climate change on both aquatic  and terrestrial ecosystems,
  • Microbial contamination of pre and post-harvest of fish.


  1. Gadisa, N. and Delelegn, W. (2012).Some Physico-Chemical Properties and Microbiological Quality of Honey Sold in JimmaTown, Southwestern Ethiopia. Biol. Chem. Research. 31: 891-900.
  2. Gadisa,N., Mulugeta, W., Tokuma, N. and Megerssa,E.(2017) Spawning response of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus (Burchellm1822), Claridae: Teleost) exposed to different piscine pituitary andmsynthetic hormone. J. of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies. 5(2): 264-269.
  3. Diriba, F., Shiferaw, D. and Gadisa, N.(2017).Bacteriological and physicochemical quality of Jimma town water supply at pre and post distributed to Jimma town residents, Oromia regional state, southwestern Ethiopia. of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences.7:603-611.
  4. Shiferaw, D., Gadisa, N. and Dasalegn, R. (2017). Microbial Quality and Safety of Bread sold in Cafeteria, Tea and Bread Shop of Jimma Town, Oromia Regional State, Southwest Ethiopia.J.Adv.Res.6:771-779.
  5. Gadisa, N. (2019). Aquaculture Potential, Status, Constraints and Future Prospects in Ethiopia: A Review. Int. J. Adv. Res. 7: 336-343.

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