Eba Alemayehu

Eba Alemayehu


Biology Department

  • Title:
  • Full Name:  Eba Alemayehu
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Academic Rank: Assistant professor
  • College/institute: College of Natural Sciences
  • Department: Biology
  • Field of specialization: Entomology (Medical Entomology)
  • Research interest:
    • Vector biology,
    • Vector bionomics
    • Pesticide resistance mechanisms
    • Pesticide resistance management
    • Application of tools for vector control
  • Publications:
  1. Hawi Keno, Desta Ejeta, Tokuma Negisho, Mulugeta Wakjira, Geremew Muleta, Gadisa Natea,    Delenasaw Yewhalaw, Eba Alemayehu Simma (2021).   Characterization of Anopheles Mosquito Larval Habitats and their Species   Composition in Bambasi Woreda, Northwestern Ethiopia. International Journal of      Tropical Insect Sciences (In press). To download click here
  2. Tebiban Chanyalew, Gadisa Natea, Desalegn Amenu, Delenasaw Yewhalaw & Eba         Alemayehu Simma (2021). Composition of Mosquito Fauna and Insecticide             Resistance Status of Anopheles arabiensis in Itang special woreda, Gambella,         Southwestern Ethiopia. Malaria Journal (Under review)
  3. 3. Eba A Simma, Bereket Hailu, Wim Jonckheere, Carolien Rogiers, Luc Duchateau, Wannes Dermauw, Thomas Van Leeuwen (2020). Acaricide resistance status and identification of resistance mutations in populations of the two-spotted spider mite                       Tetranychus urticae from Ethiopia (Experimental and Applied Acarology          https://doi.org/10.1007/s10493-020-00567-2
  4. Wondmagegn Guta, Eba Alemayehu Simma and Delenasaw Yewhalaw (2020). Species composition, blood meal sources and insecticide susceptibility status of Culex mosquitoes from Jimma area, Ethiopia. International Journal of Tropical Insect           Sciences. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42690-020-00237-1
  5. Eba A Simma, Wannes Dermauw, Vasileia Balabanidou, Simon Snoeck, Astrid Bryon, Richard M Clark, Delenasaw Yewhalaw, John Vontas, Luc Duchateau and Thomas Van Leeuwen (2019). Genome-wide gene expression profiling reveals that cuticle alterations and P450 detoxification are associated with deltamethrin and DDT resistance in Anopheles arabiensis populations from Ethiopia. Pest Management Science 75 (7)
  6. Eba Alemayehu Simma, Abebe Asale, Kasahun Eba, Kefelegn Getahun, Kora Tushune, Astrid Bryon, Evangelia Morou, John Vontas, Thomas Van Leeuwen, Luc Duchateau and Delenasaw Yewhalaw (2017). Mapping insecticide resistance and characterization of resistance mechanisms in Anopheles arabiensis (Diptera: Culicidae) in Ethiopia. Parasites & Vectors 10 (407)
  7. Tesfaye Qoricho and Eba Alemayehu (2014). Phytoplankton Diversity and Abundance in Aquaculture pond Jimma Town, Jimma Zone, South west Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences 9 (7)
  8. Seyoum Kiros, K.K Subash and Eba Alemayehu (2014). Diversity and Relative Abundance of Freshwater Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) in Manmade Ponds at Boye Wetland, Jimma Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Biological and Chemical Research 31(2).


Phone: 0917804319

Email: eba.alemayehu@ju.edu.et OR ebasimma@gmail.com