Sisay Wondaya Adall

Sisay Wondaya Adall


Statistics Department

  • Full Name:  Sisay Wondaya Adall
  • Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Academic Rank: Assistant professor of Statistics
  • College/institute: College of Natural Sciences
  • Department: Statistics
  • Field of specialization: Biostatistics
  • Research interest: Treatment selection, Subgroup analysis, Bayesian inference
  • Publications:
  1. Sisay W. Adall and Jin Xu, (2021). Bayes Shrinkage estimator for consistency assessment of
    treatment effects in multi-regional clinical trials. Pharmaceutical statistics, 20, 1074-1087.
  2. Sisay Wondaya, (2016). Modeling Time to First Malaria Using Spatially Correlated
    Conditional Autoregressive Frailty Model, International Journal of Statistics and Applications, Vol.6
    6, pp. 352- 360. doi:10.5923/j.statistics.20160606.03.
  3. Dinberu Seyoum, Sisay Wondaya, Kibrealem Sisay and Mulualem Tadesse, (2016). Predicting
    AIDS disease progression using longitudinal CD4 count among adult HIV/AIDS patient in south
    east Ethiopia: Application of semi-markov process. Int J comput Bioinfo in Silico model. 5(2):808-
  4. Randomized selection design with heterogeneous patient population, under review.
  5. Two-stage design for randomized phase II clinical trials with stratification, under review.


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