About the Department

Brief overview

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management has mainly two BSc regular programs, namely, Agricultural Economics, and Agribusiness & Value chain management and two MSc programs in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management, and Agricultural Economics. In addition to the regular programs the department run distance program in Agricultural Economics, summer and weekend MSc program in Agribusiness and value chain management, Also the department has launched weekend, summer and Evening program both in BSc and MSc in Agribusiness and value chain management and Agricultural Economics.  


The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management aims to be a leading in Agricultural economics, Agribusiness and Value chain management, research and community service, and become nationally recognized for the quality of education and research.  


To provide training that promote critical thinking, analytical skills and enhance decision making abilities of our students to become productive and innovative citizens through Community Based Education (CBE). Our staff will engage in research to create and disseminate new knowledge, maintain high professional standards, and actively serve the University and Community.


The department’s major objective is to offer courses to all students of agriculture in these three major areas; undertake researches in socio-economics, agribusiness, value chain, and render service to the community in cooperation with all other departments in the university.

The specific objectives include:

  • To produce Agricultural Economics, and Agribusiness and Value chain management, professionals equipped with the knowledge and ability to enhance commercialization of agricultural development through production, Marketing and Value addition of Agricultural products. 
  • To undertake research in line with the university and country development program.
  • To offer consultancy services for various organizations and provide community services.

Admission criteria:

  • Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrollment criteria of that year
  • Others like re-admission advance standing and the like shall be treated according to the academic rules and regulations of Jimma University

 Service offered 

  • Providing short term and long term on demand, on location training
  • Conducting Demand Driven research for agribusiness firms, industries, GOs and NGOs.
  • Offering Consultancy services for various organizations
  • Staff initiated research activities
  • Software training (SPSS, STATA)
  • Weekend, summer, evening and distance mode of course offering

External Links  

Currently we have link with:

  1. NICHE/ETH-259 project aimed at opening multi-disciplinary Executive MBA in Agribusiness.

Research: list of thematic areas and descriptions    

  • Socio-economic studies
  • Value chain analysis and development
  • Gender analysis
  • Investment and enterprise feasibility studies
  • Technical efficiency, firm profitability studies 
  • Agribusiness and Commercialization
  • Marketing of Agricultural products
  • Economic valuation of Environment and Natural Resource 
  • Climate Change and Economic development
  • Optimization and sustainable use of the societies‘ scarce resources