Ethics and Complaint Handling Office

 College of Law and Governance Ethics and Complaint Handling Office

Background Information

Ethics and Complaint Handling Office is established to coordinate ethical issues and advise the college dean in accordance with Council of Minsters Regulation No 144/2008 and JU legislation.


  1.  Endeavour to create the college teachers and workers who do not condone corruption by promoting ethics and anticorruption education, work discipline, professional ethics, consciousness of serving the public and sense of duty among teachers and workers:
  2. Prevent corruption and impropriety in the College
  3. Endeavor to cause acts of corruption and impropriety be exposed and investigated and appropriate actions are taken against the perpetrators.

Duties & responsibilities

  1. Raise the awareness of staff of a college on anticorruption policies, anti-corruption laws, regulations and directives, good conduct and harmful effects of corruption:
  2. Follow up the observance of anti-corruption policies, anti-corruption laws and rules and procedures of the public office; and advise the college dean on their implementation;
  3. Record and report to the Commission and make the college dean know the same immediately, any incident of corruption it has observed or brought to its attention through whistle blowing, and follow up the status of the case;

Administration:-  Accountable to College Dean

Contact Address: email-

                                  Mobile +251911948073