About the Departement

Department of Governance and Development Studies came in to existence in 2006 and started actual operation in September 2007. Its undergraduate program in Governance and Development Studies (GaDS) was launched with the intention to produce professionals who will be an agent for the formation of democratic society, building good governance and assuring sustainable development in Ethiopia. This program marks the new area of study in Ethiopian higher education. Up until the foundation of this program there are no higher educational institutions in Ethiopia which provide the same academic program. The Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Development Studies is purposely designed as multidisciplinary. This measure was taken based on the fact that the two important issues which constitute the heart of program governance and development are the concern of different academic disciplines. Hence the academic discipline of Governance and Development Studies strongly correlate with and draw contents and ideas from different academic disciplines such as Political Science, International relations, Economics, Development studies, Public administration, Management, Environmental science, Sociology and Law.
Generally the program deals with the arts and science of managing and administering the function of government; leading and administering non-governmental organizations; managing and coordinating development activities; initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects; community mobilization and problem solving etc.Objectives

    • Producing competent and quality educated manpower in the programs the department run
    • Engaging in researches and projects based on the thematic areas of the university
    • Reaching the community basically through the community base educations and Develeiopmental team training programs in graduate classes
    • Empowering different institutions of the region as well as South western part of the country

Mission and Vision 

    • To became the center of academic excellence in Governance and Development Studies by adopting a newly emerging paradigms and development thinking as well as practices in areas of governance and development which lay the ground for the advancement of good governance and sustainable development in Ethiopia.

    • The mission of the programs is to offer education that emphasizes on the pursuit of knowledge through research and institution and the development of a critical understanding on the issues of governance and development both nationally and internationally.

Management Structure
The chief executive of the department is the head and followed by the vice.

Admission Criteria
The admission criteria to the undergraduate program are the criteria set by the ministry of education. Candidates to the MA program are recruited based on a cumulative assessment of their academic performance on their undergraduate program, results from entrance exam prepared by the department, interview if needed and for female applicants some points are allotted as an affirmative action.