JU Scales up its agreement with University of Oslo

It’s recalled that Jimma University and the University of Oslo signed a collaborative agreement in October 2012 to engage in collaborative research projects, to initiate joint and double degree programs, to document and advance Community Based Education (CBE) and to work on capacity building. Following the concord, the two universities registered significant achievement in capacity building that fostered educational opportunities to students and staff. Motivated by the fruit of the previous relationship, the Universities renewed their agreement on April 6, 2016. The new agreement is extended to university level; unlike the previous one, which was limited to College of Health Science of JU and the Faculty of Medicine of University of Oslo. This new consent primarily focuses on exchange of administrative staff to acquire the required knowledge for effective administrations at work.

On this occasion, H.E. Mr. Andreas Gaarder, Norwegian Ambassador to Ethiopia, conveyed his message to both universities to put all possible efforts in exploiting opportunities to benefit both parties and countries. He said he is hopeful that the enthusiasm he observed from both universities will be a great energy to accomplish the tasks these parties desire to achieve.  Professor Fikre Lemessa, JU President, on his part expressed his appreciation to everyone who worked hard for the success of the pervious partnership and for the initiation of the new one. He also voiced his optimism on the success of the future project and on the further opportunities it brings forward to work with University of Oslo itself and with other Norwegian Universities as well. Mr. Kora Tushune, Vice-president for Business and Development of JU, Dr. Frode Vartdal , Dean of the University of Oslo Medical Faculty and Professor Abraham Hailamlak, Dean of the College of Health Sciences, JU, made remarks underlining the importance of such partnership to both universities. Dr. Nina Langeland, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Bergen on her part highlighted that her visit of Jimma University and its efforts and effectiveness as well as its strong partnership with University of Oslo will play a significant role in establishing formal partnership between University of Bergen and Jimma University.