Staff Profile

1. Director

2. Research staff (professor, Associate professor, assistant professor, Senior lecturer, technical assistants, and statisticians, Research Professor, Associate Research Professor, Senior Research Fellow, PhD scholars on Oromo studies etc).

3. Library staff (collection development, documentation, head library department, information desk, public services, acquisition, catalogue, serials, audiovisual and documentation, data processing, data encoder etc.).

4. Museum and Gallery Staff

5. Support staff (head administrator, head financial administration, management assistant,  executive secretary to the director,  project manager, publication editor,  assistant financial administrator,  ICT expert,  web editor,  programme webmaster, human resource coordinator, transport head, public relation coordinator, press officer, publication assistant, fund raising,  project coordinators)

6. Advisory board is external independent advisory board on the strategic plan of the research institute and research thematic areas and has no role in the management functions.