The Institute would seek to bring the resources and capacities across the university to bear on fundamental issues across all parts of Oromia society.

1.  The primary mandate of the Institute of Oromo Studies would be to foster advanced research by nurturing an interdisciplinary, collaborative community of scholars of Oromo studies.

2.  It would serve as portal for Oromo studies at Jimma University for both national and international academic community and for the general public, including its programming and discussions for the latter.

3. In coordination with university’s strategic communications department, the Institute would become a resource for the media on the matters related to Oromo issues.

4. Organizes skilled and technologically innovative personnel to produce their crafts and have better market accesses to sell.

5. The Institute would also be an important resource for various sectors of society- government, civil society and the general public and the legal and policy community at all levels of government, non-governmental agencies and organizations.

6. It could formulate or be commissioned to undertake research projects around topical and thematic matters in Oromia.

7. It would be engaged in the production, reproduction, and dissemination of the intellectual knowledge of the Oromo.