About Agribusiness Leadership Institute (ABLI)

Agriculture in Ethiopia accounts for 42% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 73% of employment and 48% of exports. The sector has been growing at 6,6% per annum, making it critically important for the development of the Ethiopian economy. Yet, agro-processing only generated 2,1% of GDP, employs 1,3%, and accounts for 2,8% of the share of exports. It also important for Ethiopian Government Transformation Agenda: to build the capacity of leaders and experts in Agro Industry Park, Digital and Mechanization farm, Lowland Agriculture and Cluster farming, etc. This suggests that there is substantial room for growth and development of the agro-processing sector. Therefore, ABLI was established by Jimma University as part of its triple mandates with the following key rationales and activities;

Vision: Aspires to be a model Agribusiness Leadership Institute in Ethiopia and Recognized in Africa by 2030.

Mission: To develop the strategic leadership, business management, entrepreneurial and technical knowledge and skills in agricultural value chains in Ethiopia and the rest of the continent.

Rationale: The main rationale for the establishment of the ABLI is the need for strategic leadership, business management and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to support the process of agriculture-led structural transformation of the economy.

Core function: collaborative engagement with the private sector to stimulate the development and delivery of demand-led curriculum innovation embodied in short, high-impact courses; the design and delivery of value-added services; and targeted research that seeks to address problems in practice. The ABLI will design, develop and offer three services targeted at the development of the strategic leadership, business management, entrepreneurial and technical skills in agricultural value chains. It consists of the delivery of practically-oriented, high-impact short courses; hosting of workshops, seminars and policy dialogues; and coordinating the implementation of an Accelerated Graduate Development Programme.  In short, the major Activities in the Institution include: Tailor made short term training on agribusiness; Seminars, workshops; (national/international)  for policy dialogue; Tech labs- provide services with qualified labs and Research and Development (R&D) Consultancy Services

Target markets: The ABLI will target executive/ senior managers, middle managers and the next generation of leaders and managers entering the world of work and labour market. ·