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PhD Curriculum Review Workshop Held at JU

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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences of Jimma University has conducted a national curriculum review workshop to launch three new programs at PhD level from December 15-16, 2017. The purpose of the curriculum review workshop was to expand programs at PHD level in various fields of education and as part of attaining the University’s effort to become a research university. College of Education and Behavioral aspires to become the leading institute in educational and behavioral research nationally and internationally. Hence, launching PhD programs will have immense contribution for the realization of it’s vision by way of producing high caliber professionals and researchers in the area. 

The curriculum review workshop brought together renowned and seasoned professionals in the three respective areas such as educational leadership, curriculum and instruction and psychology. Moreover, university senate members, college academic staff and invited experts and scholars from the Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) have participated in the curriculum review workshop. 

The workshop was opened by Professor Tefera Belachew, Director for Post Graduate Studies at JU and the critical reviewers were invited to present the summary of their review in all areas. Highly valuable and important comments and suggestion were forwarded by each reviewer that were further enriched in syndicate groups. The Phd programs reviewed were PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, and PhD in Psychology (with four specializations such as Counseling, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology and Social Psychology). 

Highly productive discussions were made in three syndicate groups and concerns were shared by critically looking in to the preparedness and facilities to launch the programs as planned. Particularly, the staff profile of the respective departments were taken seriously and strongly suggested that it would be useful if some programs such as PhD in psychology specializing in Developmental Psychology and social psychology wait for the right maturity level before they are launched i.e to make sure that the required faculty in fulfilled. 

Finally, the summary of the issues raised and the consensus reached to improve in the curricula was presented to the participants and final inputs were suggested in the presence of Professor Taye, V/president for academic affairs. Finally, Professor Taye, appreciated the concerns and contributions of the critical reviewers and representatives from the college and the respective departments underlined that the programs will be launched after incorporating all the valuable comments from the renowned professionals in the field.  

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