Human resource capacity (Staff Profile)

Currently, 8 PhD and 2 MSc academic staff specialized in coffee science are available at JU being engaged in research undertakings of the institute. Moreover, there are senior academic staff of sister colleges and institutes (College of Natural Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, College of Law and Governance, College of Public Health & Medical Sciences, JU Institute of Technology, Institute of Oromo Studies) of JU that can study the sociological, biological, ecological, historical, cultural, economical, marketing, anthropological, political dimension of coffee.

List of currently available teaching and research staff specialized on coffee science 

S.No.NameField of specialization Remark
1Dr. Gezahegn BerechaCoffee biodiversity/ conservation biologist 
2Dr. Kitessa HunderaCoffee ecologist/ 
3Dr.  Girma AdugnaCoffee pathologist 
4Dr. Esaya MindeslEntomologies 
5Dr. Wayessa GaredeCoffee pathologist 
6Dr. Adugna DebeleCoffee physiologist and modeling 
6Dr. Kassaye TolessaCoffee quality and value chain 
7Dr. Adugnaw MintesinoteCoffee Agronomy and quality 
8Mrs. Shitaye GureCoffee quality 
9Dr. Zekarias ShumetaCoffee value chain 
10Dr. Tinsae DemisseCoffee value chain 
11Dr. Fikadu MitikuCoffee certification 
12Mr. Mohammed WorkuCoffee qualityFinalize his PhD in 6 months
13Mr. Garba DabaCoffee pathologistPhD student

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