Historical Background

Historical back ground of the department
It was in 1997 E.C that the department of dentistry established in Jimma University. It is the only department in Ethiopia who train skillful dental medical doctors, since it established two batches are graduated from this department, in the first 38 and in the second 38.
Future plan

Short term
     To prepare module for all course
     To establish four additional rooms
     To increase out patient service
     To organized limu genet hospital as practical sit fro dental interns
     Empower the department by employing deferent specialists
     Revising the curriculum of DMD
     Short term training for nurse in the dental clinic and to each TTP sit of Jimma
     To creat a direct side link to department of general surgery, orthopedics center and ICU
      To establish quick emergency management system
     Prepare defined student assessment methods

Inter mediate
     To create link with related organizations
     To train native specialists in different disciplines
     To start basic research in oral health
     To start in patient service (15-20 patients)
Long term
     To start post graduate training
     To strength JU as the pin or in solving the oral heath problem of the community
     To have an international journal of dentistry

The vision of dentistry department is being the leading training center in the country that trains skillful, efficient, effective and internationally competent dental physicians in respect to basic research activities and practical clinical service.
Mission of the department
The mission of dentistry department is achieving the mission of Jimma University in the department i.e. the department is a center of academic excellence integrating training, research and service.
Providing organized and practical based education for dentistry and other related departments (e.g. medicine, health officer) to produce skilled health professional providing standardized fast and safe oral health service for the community.