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Expatriate staff and students briefed on current issues

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On November 8, 2021 the president of JU Dr. Jemal Abafita and all members of the management convened with expatriate staff members and students for a briefing on the current security situation of the country aiming at depicting the true picture of the reality on the ground.

The president raised the outbreak of the war in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia after the Northern Command Defense Force faced a blistering and unexpected attack by the regional government. Since then, the Federal Government quickly responded and managed to defeat the regional forces within three weeks and contained the conflict within the region. However, the regional forces abused the unilateral declaration of ceasefire by the Federal Government since June 2021 and started to advance to Amhara and Afar Regional Governments where they inflicted innumerable atrocities on civilians and destruction of properties.

He further highlighted that, with the unfolding of events there is an orchestrated and intentionally framed campaign by international media outlets, some powerful countries and international organizations. They are extremely engaged in disseminating disinformation unmatched and no where closer to the reality. They are misinforming the global community with false accusation of the government on committing genocide and hindering humanitarian intervention which is disproved by the most recent joint investigation of the UN and Ethiopian Human Rights commission to their dismay and humiliation.  Moreover, they are going in to abyss by reporting the besiegement of Addis Ababa by the rebel forces, the country is on the brink of collapse and some countries even went to the extent of calling off their diplomatic mission.  The above facts testify a very well organized and coordinated smear campaign on the ongoing conflict directed towards the Ethiopian government and of course its people too.

He assured them that the government is well prepared and organized to maintain peace and security all over the country. The State of Emergency is declared and only necessary to control anti-peace elements that connive with the rebel forces to destabilize the security situation and sow doubts among the people in different geographical areas of the country. Such task can’t actually be accomplished through the normal legal enforcement procedure. Significant portion of the country’s territory is peaceful and secured unlike the misguiding and false disinformation of the international media outlets and their sponsors. He advised the expat staff and students to stay sober and for this it is only enough to compare the reality on the ground and unashamedly disseminated false reporting by the media. 

Later on, they were also briefed on provisions of the State of Emergency utmost importance to the international staff and students by the Director of Legal Service Department, Mr. Yosef Alemu.  All members of the executive have forwarded their views focusing on the necessity of taking precautionary measures and cooperating with law enforcement agencies when required. The management vowed to proactively keep them posted with new updates and grant them security with all available means and capacity. The expat staff members and students raised questions and appreciated the University for showing great concern for their security. Finally, Reflections were forwarded from the stage concerning the questions and concerns raised by the audience.












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